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Payment & Account

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  • Which password should I choose and how often should I change it?

    To protect your account and your sensitive data, you should change the password regularly. The change should be made at least every 30 days, with the new password should be different from all previous passwords significantly. The safest passwords contain both letters and numbers and special characters.

  • Will my letters be read?

    No, the processing is automated under special safety precautions. Your letters are subject to our stric privaty policy  and will be treated confidentially.

  • Wie sicher ist die Onlineübertragung meiner Briefe übers Internet?

    Sehr sicher - wir verwenden hierfür eine Kombination aus Verschlüsselungs- und Identifizierungsverfahren. Ihre Daten werden verschlüsselt an unseren Server übertragen. Außerdem identifiziert sich unser Server gegenüber Ihrem Computer mit einem speziellen Zertifikat, jährlich neu ausgestellt von einem gesetzlich akkreditierten Zertifizierer. Wir nutzen die gleiche Technologien wie das Online-Banking!

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Shipping & Material

  • May I send letters to brasilia?

    Yea of cours - International letter-sending is possible Please insert below the adress the country where you want to send the letter - In our case  „Brasilia“

     How addresses are written in Brasilia

    Surname / Familyname
    Street + number
    adress Add-Ons (z.B. Conjuntos XYZ; condominio ABC, bloco 3, Apto.123)
    borough (if you have)
    postal-code in format  12345-678 + city + (XX), XX= state, eg. MG

    Here an example for a brasilian address

    Rua Arnaldo Quintela, 96 - 2º andar
    22280-070 - Rio de Janeiro

  • Can I send letters to Brazil

    Yes of course - you can sen alle letters national und even international. Please add a country-line under the ZIP and city-Line and write  „Brasilien“  

     Here the correctspelling of the address for Brazil

    Name / company name
    Street + number
    additional address information ( eg Conjuntos XYZ ; Condomínio ABC , bloco 3 , Apto.123 )
    Borough ( IF they exist)
    Zip code in the format 12345-678 + city + ( XX ) , XX = Federal land abbreviation , for example . MG

    Example for an adress to Brazil

    Rua Arnaldo Quintela, 96 - 2º andar
    22280-070 - Rio de Janeiro

  • How can i upload my letters?

    Livepost offers 5 solutions to upload your daily mail. 1) Win-Client - acts like a pint-driver. File | print | Livepost ... and your letters are sent - 2) Web-Client - same functionality as Win-Client (except print-driver function). You can upload letters via   Letter Shipping| New Letter | 3) iPad-Client: Base functionality for sending letters - If you are interested please contact us 4) Web-Service: Letter-sending via Web-Service over PHP or Python-to Livepost. If you are interested please contact us 5) Data-sending Interface - You give us your letters as PDF into a Hot-Folder. Based on your company-rules we send your letters via Mail, signed Mail, EDI, E-Government-Interface, Livepost, or ...... If you are interested please contact us Livepost is your personal Post-Manager - Use 1 of these 5 sending solutions for your letters via Livepost.

  • What kind of paper is printed my letter?

    We offer a variety of paper types that you can choose before shipment. A special feature is our bright-white, eco-friendly paper made ​​from Portuguese eucalyptus with only 75g / m², which is equated with its high processing a standard office paper.

  • Can I withdraw a letter prior to shipment after it has been submitted to Livepost?

    Currently, it is unfortunately not yet possible to withdraw a letter after it is transmitted to us.

  • Kann ich ein PDF-Dokument mit Adobe Acrobat Reader versenden?

    Der Versand eines PDF-Dokument über die Druckfunktion wird von Adobe Acrobat Reader nicht unterstützt. Um ein PDF-Dokument zu versenden, nutzen sie bitte die Funktion" Brief hochladen" im Client.

  • What are the envelopes in which my letters be sent?

    By default we ship your letters in neutral envelopes in C5 size, but they can also select other envelope types. You can design your envelope online, to make print your logo on the envelope. If you want to use your own envelopes, you're welcome to deliver them with the product "Coporate".

  • Can I send letters in serie?

    Yes, in the live mail box, you can separate a form letter after a fixed number of pages. If your letter is from letters with different page numbers, you can also specify a search word, which is found on each initial page of a letter.

  • Kann ich meinen Brief auch als PDF-Dokument mit elektronischer Signatur versenden?

    Für den signierten Versand von Dokumenten arbeiten wir mit Partnern zusammen. Kommen sie einfach auf uns zu dann erheben wir gemeinsam Ihre Anforderungen und finden die für sie passende Lösung.

  • Wird die Empfängeradresse vor Versand auf Richtigkeit geprüft?

    Wir prüfen lediglich den richtigen Stand der Adresse und ob die Postleitzahl den Vorgaben der POST entspricht. Adress-Analysen und -Optimierungen bieten wir gemeinsam mit Partnern an. Kommen sie einfach auf uns zu, wir finden die passende Lösung für Ihre Anforderungen.

  • Wie lange dauert es vom Onlineversand bis zur Zustellung mein Briefes?

    In der Regel dauert die Zustellung eines Briefes innerhalb Österreichs 2 Werktage. Ihre Briefe werden täglich an unsere Versandpartner übergeben. Beim Versand ins Ausland können abhängig vom Zielland unterschiedliche Laufzeiten entstehen.

  • Which shipping service send my letter?

    You can select before shipment of your letter even one of our shipping partners and compare online the shipping costs.

  • Welche Kuvertformate werden angeboten?

    Wir bieten Ihnen eine Auswahl an verschiedenen Kuverts, wie C6/5 (zweimal gefaltet), C5 (einmal gefaltet) und C4 (nicht gefaltet) und erweitern ständig unser Angebot an Kuvertsorten. Wenn Sie spezielle Kuvertformate wünschen, können Sie uns diese auch liefern.

  • Shipped livepost my letters?

    Livepost is a provider of digital post services. We provide your letters not take itself too, but commission for one of our shipping partners.

  • Can I scan a document and send it out?

    On the first page of a letter an address specification in computer-readable font is always required. Text on images is not computer-readable, and therefore not suitable for specifying the recipient address. As a solution, so you can, for example, Write in a text document on the first page, the recipient address and paste on the second page, the scanned document as an image.

  • Wie viele Blätter Briefpapier kann ich mit 1 Brief versenden?

    Die maximale Blattanzahl ist abhängig vom Kuvertformat und der Grammatur des Briefpapiers. Die Livepost-Box wechselt für Sie automatisch in das richtige Kuvert, wenn sie ein zu kleines Format gewählt haben.

  • Können zwei oder mehr verschiedene Papiersorten in einem Brief verwendet werden?

    Pro Brief können Sie derzeit nur eine Papiersorte auswählen. Wenn Sie eine besondere Anforderung haben, nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt mit uns auf - wir bieten dazu auch Speziallösungen.

  • Kann ich eigene Beilagen mitversenden?

    Ja, mit den Produkten "Business" und "Corporate" können Sie Ihre Beilagen ganz einfach mit 1 Klick zu Ihren Briefen hinzufügen! Liefern Sie uns einfach Ihre Beilage an, und wählen Sie diese beim Briefversand mit aus.

  • Can I send letters abroad?

    Yes, you can ship to the whole world your letters. Please follow the guidelines for address formatting, and that the country of destination must always be given in German language.

  • Kann ich bei Briefen auch Zahlscheine beilegen?

    Ja, wir bieten Ihnen dazu die passende Papiersorte "Zahlscheinformular" an, die einen mit Perforation abtrennbaren Zahlschein enthält. Sie können diesen Zahlschein als Beilage mitsenden.

  • In what form the receiver's address should be specified?

    We've listed the guidelines for address formatting for you clearly. Please note that the country of destination must always be given in German language. To ensure a smooth distribution, the address specification is aimed strictly in accordance with generally accepted international mail delivery.

  • Are there inventory costs when own print material is delivered?

    No, you can use free of charge by the fair-use principle your storage space as long as the on-hand quantity at most equal to three times your monthly consumption.

  • Why not seems my desired destination country on the list?

    Livepost sent letters to almost every country in the world. Perhaps the recipient country is to be found under a different name, this may also occur, especially in island groups and dependent territories. If you still can not find your country, please contact us.

  • How much a climate neutral letter costs more than a standard letter?

    The impact of climate neutral position of a letter depends on the country of destination and the selected shipping service. In the Options dialog for the Livepost-Box, you get an accurate price information before sending a letter.

  • Can I send special 3D side dishes (objects) with my letters ?

    The shipment of special supplements such as Membership cards we are currently offering on request. In some cases it depends on the nature of the supplement, be sure it is suitable for carriage by post.

  • Kann ich meine eigenen Kuverts zum Versand verwenden?

    Ja, mit den Produkten "Business" und "Corporate" können Sie uns Ihre eigenen Kuverts gerne anliefern. Wir bieten Ihnen eine übersichtliche Darstellung des Lagerstandsverlaufs in Echtzeit für jede Ihrer angelieferten Materialien.

  • Kann ich Briefe auch als Einschreiben versenden?

    Ja, Sie können Ihre Briefe auch eingeschrieben (Inland und Ausland) versenden. Wählen Sie dazu einfach die entsprechende Option im Reiter der Livepost-Box aus.

  • Can I press my letters on glossy paper or other paper types?

    We are constantly expanding our offer of securities in order to offer you a variety of different paper types. If we do not offer a desired paper type, you can deliver us with the product "Corporate" your own stationery on which we print your letters.

  • Can I print a sheet on two sides?

    Yes, you can print one-sided (simplex) or two-sided (duplex). In order to save paper costs and help the environment.

  • Are there templates for address placement?

    Yes, templates can be downloaded from here.

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  • livepost sees a blank between 1st und 2nd column

    Your document was made with an alternative PDF-Engine. In this case choose Settings | Advanced | and click on  "alternative address-parsing".

  • No costs will be shown in the Client

    Yout letter-text is too close to the adress. please insert a few lines between adress and text. If this is not possible pleas contact

  • Can I add attachements to my livepost-letters?

    With livepost you can use onetime and multiplie-use attachements. To manage "multiple-use" attachement [Material] - [Attachement] and simply upload the multiple-use attachements. In the "send-window" for your letters you have another tab. 1) here you can add multiple-use attachement (eg. GTC, Marketing-Folder, etc.) 2) Upload single-use attachement for this special letter. After all attachement are added, accept your choice and all attachemnt will be added to the letter. Then the costs for you letter will be calculated new. This added value will bee offered from Livepost without changing your client-software!

  • Gibt es eine Schnittstelle (API) für die Anbindung von Livepost an andere Software?

    Für die automatisierte Anbindung an Drittsoftware bietet Livepost Schnittstellen wie SOAP, HTTP(s), AS2, FTP(s) oder E-Mail an. Nehmen Sie dazu bitte Kontakt mit uns auf.

  • Can I ship letters from MacOS, Linux or other operating systems?

    The development of Livepost box for other operating systems is currently being prepared.

  • What should I consider when using a firewall or a proxy server?

    If you use a firewall or a proxy server, make sure that the ports 443 and 80 are open, to connect to our server. Define for any an exception (without proxy).

  • Which program I can send letters?

    You can use any program from which you can print, also send letters. To Simply download the Livepost-Box. After installation, you send their letters by selecting the printer "online letter (livepost)".

  • Wieviel kostet die Software?

    Die Livepost-Box ist völlig kostenlos herunterzuladen. Wir möchten Ihnen transparente Preise anbieten, daher bezahlen Sie nur für Ihre versendeten Briefe, ohne versteckte Zusatzkosten.

  • What happened if an error oncurred while sending an document?

    If you can not ship via the livepost-box a document, it can have different depending on your system reasons. To find the cause, please send us a description of the error, information about the software and your operating system and, if possible, your letter, eg the MS Word document.

  • What are the requirements for online letter mail?

    You need a computer with Internet connection, the software you get from us for free. Currently supported are the operating systems Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP, as well as 32bit and 64bit versions.

  • Can I use the Livepost-Box on multiple computers?

    Yes, you can install the livepost-box on multiple computers and log on from any computer. However, we recommend not to use the software on two computers simultaneously active.

  • In which format will be archived my letter?

    Your letters are stored in the format PDF/A-1b. This is an internationally established standard for long-term archiving of electronic documents in PDF format according to ISO 19005-1:2005.

  • What happened when the Livepost-Box reports a trouble error.

    Our software is designed to work on any standard PC system errors. Please make sure that you have installed all the latest updates for your operating system and the framework, and download the latest version of Livepost-box down.

  • How long does it take to download and install the Livepost-Box?

    Depending on your internet connection, it should not take more than 3 minutes, until you can send your first letter online!

  • What is ZIP archive?

    In the ZIP archive your letters are compressed and so require less storage space. With the function off-line archiving, you can download a ZIP archive in which all letters are contained within the specified time period. If your operating system supports opening ZIP files by default, you can open the zip archive download a free software such as Download PeaZip.

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