Who is Livepost?

The ways of the modern communications are subject to rapid change and also provide the users face new challenges.

Livepost was founded in 2010 to promote an innovative online shipping manager, digital postal services access to new technology trends. Livepost has introduced to be the first company in Austria with an climate-neutral and electronic mail delivery.

We merge the traditional mail delivery with digital convenience.

By offering online mail services and technological successor of the letter shipment services, we are creating an integrated solution which allows to combine old and new ways.

With the easy access we boost confidence in digital services while delivering a smooth transition between both worlds.

A brand, that bears responsibility!

Because innovative technology is fundamental only in conjunction with responsibility towards the environment and society.

For us, the active environmental responsibility means to carry, as we provide our products and services with environmental attributes. So we have to think about the climate-neutral shipping of letters.

Livepost has a close cooperation with organizations to secure target. We see ourselves as part of society and are determined to share responsibility. Therefore, we provide strong support for campaigns to promote public communication for charitable programs within our means.

If you want to get more profit organization, please contact us.