Neue Brief-Vorlagen


Wir haben die Brief-Vorlagen für sie aktualisiert. Der Adress-Stand wurde auf die DIN-Norm 50008 optimiert.

Studying is a practice that requires a certain level of concentration and a lot of discipline. When we commit to the readings, the retention of information is extended for a longer time. Doing it the right way will feed your knowledge. Here are some suggestions: Own words: use your terms to better explain what you read. Do not memorize! Internalize and translate the information in your language. Apply it also when you want to teach your friends. The more you repeat it in your style and with your idioms, the more recorded it will stay. Examples: look for examples, refer to essay writer no plagiarism free that can explain the subject matter or create them based on your experience. Referring to situations or assumptions – which a priori seem empty elements – serve because they are more familiar. Connect: the best way to assimilate information is to compare it with another one that already exists or you have studied. This will allow you to grab other arguments and contrast different points of view that will nourish you with knowledge and expand your views. The lessons talk to each other! If you study in this way, the retention of information will not be temporary. Try it!

Laden sie sich die neuen Vorlagen im Microsoft Word doc und docx-Format runter.  Die Vorlagen finden sie unter und für weitere Details steht Ihnen natürlich unser Support-Team gerne zur Verfügung