1. Write a letter

With your preferred program you print the document on the printer "online letter". Your letter is transmitted and encrypted software to our mailing.


2. Processing

In production center, your mail will be printed digitally and processed on our enveloping and franking machines. Your online dispatch manager offers 24 hours a day post shipping


3. Delivery

We select for you the post office with the lowest shipping cost, which is the most efficient and fastest for your letter.

Design envelopes online

We print envelopes with your logo on-demand with the letter - the design is changable at any time


Design your envelopes online and send your letters with your coporate logo.

We print your envelopes with your company logo only while sending the letter. This gives a number of advantages. This will save you the hassle of having to pay attention to the timely ordering of envelopes in your print-shop. You have also decreasing costs for warehousing and storage space.

Through the on-demand printing, you can change the design at any time and create as many different envelopes as you need. Thus, your creativity have no limits. And if address or phone number changes, you do not have to worry – just create a new envelope.

Customer material

Provide us your postal supplements and add them with only 1 click to your letters.

More individuality

We are constantly expanding our selection of letter paper and envelope types – yet it may be advantageous to provide us with your own material.
We can print your company logo equal with the stationery, but we can’t produce borderless prints.
If your paper has a special printing color, texture or a special grammage, it may also be advantageous to produce on your own stationery or envelopes. So you can be sure that your corporate design is maintained at 100%.
Deliver us your supplements and add them with just 1 click easy to your letters.

Stock management

Kepp overview about your stationary stock.

Over Livepost-Box you can add new materials and you can view your stock at every time. For further deliveries post online a delivery-aviso and then send the material to our print shop.

You can use your storage space free after the fair-use principle, as long as the on-hand quantity at most equal to three times your monthly consumption.

Would you like to resolve an unnecessary material, you can remain stock alos online, or we will take care of its disposal.

Carbon footstep

Print your letters clima-neutral.

Climate neutral letter shipping

Livepost offers the first climate-neutral letter of Austria – and we are very proud of that!

With Livepost you send your letters not only CO2-neutral, but entirely carbon neutral.

Security and privacy

128-bit SSL encryption and strict data protection directive protecting your post content.

Encrypted transmission

The confidentiality of your letter content is our top priority, so we have implemented a number of advanced security mechanisms.

Letters that you transmit to us online, will be encrypted securely before shipping with 128-bit SSL connection. We use a technology to meet international certification. The same encryption is used as banks use for online banking.

Our data center is fully hedged by electronic and manual safety barriers. Firewalls, constantly maintained servers and various manual safety tools makes your data secure.


Privacy policy

Your letters are subject to a strict privacy policy. The production process is automated, so that only responsible people have contact with your letters.

Our staff is constantly trained to take care of our strict manufacturing process and is required to maintain data confidentiality.

As part of our privacy policy accurate personnel records are kept to ensure traceability of the subsequent processing. For more information about the privacy policy, see the Terms and Conditions.

Clear archiving

Your letters will be archived electronically and are always available for you.

Better Overview

Yoursent  letters are digitally archived by us and are retrieved at any time for you.

In the archive you will find your sent letter in chronological order and there are various filter functions. For example you can filter by date, and perform a keyword search in your letters.

Undeliverable letters can be found in a separate view, with an indication of the reason of non-delivery, such as an incorrect address.

Thus, the traceability of your post shipment increased and you always keep track.

Save time and money

Less effort and relieve personnel, without any investment or maintenance costs.

Lower staff costs

Whether you envelope  your letters by machine or by hand – with Livepost you save up to 60% of your current costs!

Sounds a lot? Is it too – because you will not only save the time for enveloping itself, but also all the steps before and after. You send letters without any preparations and without reordering envelopes and stationery. Forget cost of warehouse management and warehouse space. You spend no time in the queue at the post office and you will not pay extra for a postal pickup. And even with rising mail volumes your costs will not decrease because of investment or maintenance costs for enveloping and franking machine.

You send your letters with less effort and win back valuable staff resources. This means more efficient use of staff and more time for your customers.


Transparent Prices

Select the right product – you can always change!

Our smallest package “starter” is ideal for the occasional letter Shipping. Charge your credit account once, and so can use up your balance over any period of time. Before each letter shipping you see in advance how much the letter costs.

Our most popular package “Business” with expanded functions to include some important features. But there is a small monthly fee. With the envelope Designer you can design your envelope online – we print your envelopes on-demand only when sending the letter, without pre or storage costs.

With the “corporate”, you can also deliver your own envelopes, stationary and supplements. Your suppekements then can easily be added as a 1-click option to your letters. There is a monthly fee and a one-time setup fee. Clearing your account conveniently at the end of the month! Don’t worry about charging your credit account.