1. installation

Select your operating system on the right side and start the installation assistent.

2. introduction

Watch the short introduction on to learn how to use the livepost-box.

Below is a guide for the letter design and address formatting. You can also download templates and easily customize your design.

Letter Design

For What?

To send your letters online, it is important to consider some basics in the design.

In the sample letter on the right shows where the address bar is positioned, and which areas are reserved.


The address field is 2 cm from the left and 6 cm from the top. It is 7 cm wide and 3 cm high.

Let be the address field around a free edge without content, 2 cm right, 1.5 cm above and 1 cm below.

The recipient address must be machine-readable. Images in which the address is specified, are not suitable. More for address formatting, see below.

Reserved letter

Add the reserved areas, control characters are applied for automated processing. Content in these areas will be automatically removed.

The reserved areas are marked in gray on the right in the sample letter. They are located 2 cm from the left and right margin and 0.5 cm from the top and bottom.

Sample letter Download (pdf)

Adress format


We want your letter arrives as quickly as possible.
Therefore, you will find a brief overview of the international rules for the address formatting.

+ Distance between zip code and city (1010 Vienna)
+ Foreign broadcasting: Country in German language
+ Font size of the uppercase 2.5 mm to 3 mm
+ Address details up to 6 lines
+ Text alignment left-aligned

- Hyphen between ZIP Code and City (1010 Vienna)
- Country code before destination (A-1010 Vienna)
- Empty lines
- Images or graphic elements
- Text Effects (in italics or Word Art)
- Address details strangers, such as customer number

On the right side you will see Addressing examples.

Returning items

To get sent back undeliverable letters, a sender address must be visible on the outside of the letter.

If you have printed on the envelope no return address (for example, when a company logo), you can specify a sender to the recipient's address.

The sender 'must be within the address field and must be only one line long.

To format the sender ':
- Font size (uppercase) 2 mm
- Text formatting: underlined
- Distance to the recipient's address min. 2.5 mm